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Rivals...Happy Hunting! Empty Rivals...Happy Hunting!

Post  Guest on Thu Oct 11, 2012 11:25 pm

So I've seen a few members calling out to our fellow crew members for some assistance a time or two with some unruly character or those who are just plain pesky and need a beat down or two. So for those of us who want the aid of our fellow crew members I say let's list the problem child here for all to see and bring upon them the wrath of TPK!!! Peacefully of course Very Happy But just because we're a peaceful group does not mean we don't have each others back or that we will be bullied! Evil or Very Mad

If you're experiencing any problems/harrasment, here you can list by name, level and stats and if possible, they can be dealt with accordingly.

I shall go first:

carbonjun (a.k.a pain in my ass)
level 118 with a mafia size of 288 (still unclear if that makes him reachable to someone with twice that)
A/D 13K/18K

Nothing special right??? We all know that CC makes its easy for robberies to take place as oppose to attacks so needless to say he's living it up in my hood a few times a day. Mad

This has been going on for about a week and I can beat up on this guy all day but the problem I'm having is he NEVER sleeps! Seeing as I'm training a new girl at work, I can't watch my hood during the day like I usually can because I have to set some kind of standards for the newbie Rolling Eyes But not only can I not watch my own hood like I need, I can't seem to catch his hood when it's fruitful, apparently he's taken on the 12/24 hr building method. So to anyone who happens to see this character...say hello for me! Very Happy


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